Sun For All




“Sun For All” is a social responsibility project to make an emphasize on our responsibilities for our Planet. We need to be aware of each and every step that we take while living. As humanbeings, we are not living alone. There are plants, trees, animals and other creatures. If we all work together, we will be able to make the planet more livable and sustainable.

Sun is a natural source, so we can;

produce our energy using this renewable source. reduce the carbon dioxide we produce while doing things (carbon footprint).

save our atmosphere.

make the planet a better place for the animals.

save the plants and trees.

We will be learning all of these things together and be successful to save this beautiful planet. That’s why Solitek Engineering has decided to start the “Sun For All” social responsibility project.

Remember the Sun is for all.

Founded by idealist and enthusiastic engineers in 2010, Solitek offers local and international solutions in the field of renewable solar energy in Turkey, in the Middle East, and the neighboring countries.

Being one of the most efficient engineering and contracting companies in photovoltaic (producing energy and electricity from the sun) solar energy sector, Solitek also aims to provide high contributions to the nature, to our country, and therefore to the global economy. The company’s commitment is to carry out these activities in an environmental friendly manner.

That’s why Solitek Engineering has decided to launch a social responsibility project called “Sun For All” to raise awareness on solar energy usage in all communities.

By changing our habits, we can tackle the climate emergency and build a sustainable world.



Soley is a little girl who is different from everyone in her tribe.

Unlike the others, she has golden hair, shining like the sun.

One day, Soley and her family goes to a new marketplace. She

makes new friends there. But when they ask her “Why do you have

golden hair?” she feels different and sad. As Soley cries under a

flame tree, she falls asleep and finds herself in the Dreamland.

There, she meets the Mother Sun who has been waiting for Soley.


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